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About Alma

Alma Griffith - NLP life coach and therapistAlma works with clients on an emotional and nutritional level to help them focus on the future in a positive way and ‘let go’ of the past.

She has been in the health profession for over 35 years teaching health education in schools, industry, adult education and recently developing her own teaching program for weight loss and now workshops on NLP and Time Line.

Alma believes that anyone can change his or her beliefs about themselves and she proved this to herself when she walked the ‘FIREWALK’ at an Anthony Robbins seminar and this is how powerful NLP could be!  What is the metaphor for the FIREWALK?  Well, if you can walk on fire you can do anything in your life; it is only our beliefs that stop us from achieving the life we want!

Alma continues her passion ‘Introduction to NLP’ with her workshops for anyone who is interesting in personal development or if you are in business and would like to communicate more effectively with your clients.

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